So Fun, SoCon

February 10, 2008 § 1 Comment

Just a quick note to say I had an absolutely great time at at SoCon08!  The turnout was impressive and the attendees were enthusiastic, intelligent and interested in getting some serious conversations on.   I had the distinct pleasure of leading a discussion group on personal branding, which was a blast for me, and hopefully enjoyable and though-provoking for those who participated.  I’m a little exhausted now, but I’ll try to jot down some thoughts on the event soon.  Meanwhile I’ll just say kudos and thanks to Leonard, Jeff, Sherry, Josh, Chris, Kennesaw State, and all the attendees that made it a terrific weekend!


§ One Response to So Fun, SoCon

  • kimbrame says:

    David thank you so much for encouraging me to attend socon08. I was absolutely exhausted last night, but I could not sleep because I was so energized from the conversations, presentations and comments from the day. Until the wee hours of the morning I was researching the companies represented reviewing blogs, reviewing photos and watching the video. Next year I look forward to watching all the vloggs that I hope will happen during and after socon09 including my own.

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