A new voice debuts

February 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Robert Mayberry who just made his blogging debut.  And it is a strong start.  Rob’s lead post, The Problem with Marketing…, is an insightful and biting observation of the state of marketing today and the rampant over-emphasis on promotion, to the detriment of truly strategic marketing.   Creating alignment of marketing with company mission, vision, products and services, should be a top corner office priority.   New marketing, as redefined by the rise of social media and the decline of the effectiveness of interruptive techniques, demands a rethink of the role and scope of market thinking in an organization.   Rob’s post is an articulate challenge to marketers to get in the game.


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  • robertmayberry says:

    Thanks, David. I’m blogging partly to record my experience in graduate school, but also to try to restore marketing’s place in small business strategy.

    I think marketing gurus all too often focus on getting that last 5% worth of improvement out of your marketing effort. So my goal is to be an advocate for that first 80%– the difference between strategic marketing at all versus just getting some glossies and some ads out there.

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