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October 14, 2007 § 1 Comment

This is just a quick note to anyone confused by the flurry of posts I’ve put online recently.  Barcamp Atlanta was a two day event hosted at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech.  It was a great event gather approximately 100 hundred computer programmers, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, and web developers.  The format was to not have a format – anyone who came could sign up to lead a session and participation was highly encouraged.  Some sessions were very discussion-oriented, others were powerpoint-centric.  Lots of great information and smart people and a generous attitude toward sharing info.

I tried to capture in a few blog posts, a fraction of the information that washed over me in the sessions I attended.  The writing is rough and loose – a necessity of the situation (and my trying to keep up despite my tortoise-like typing speed).  I paraphrased heavily, quoted where I could, and opined here and there without remorse. One thing you should know is that I am not a subject matter expert in any of the areas that I blogged about, so I almost certainly got some things wrong – the mistakes are mine not the presenters and I welcome comments that will provide any appropriate corrections.

Many shout-outs are deserved by those who put this event together and to those who took the reins and led sessions.  And to the sponsors who fed us!  I don’t know ’em all, but here’s a few I can thank: Jeff,  Stephen, Sanjay, Cooper, Michael I., Logan, Mike  S., Rusty, Amber, Tim, Sandro, Dave, Lance, et al.   Thanks for a great weekend!

Now back to my usual blog topics of branding, marketing, social media, etc.


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